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At Pure Aqua Solution, we are committed to bringing the world’s best technologies to address the world’s more pressing health/environmental concerns in safe natural processes and applications

Pure Aqua Solution

Our Pure AquaLyte product is an organic formulation the basis of which is found in nature and yet is kills mold, bacteria and viruses at a 99.99% to 99.9999% effectiveness.

Company – Pure Aqua Solution identifies new technologies that have proven their effectiveness in disinfecting and remediating harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens in water and hard surfaces. There is decades of scientific research that supports the efficacy of our disinfectant formula where it has been used in academia, healthcare, hospitality, fitness clubs and gyms, agriculture and many others.


Pure Aqua Solution Seeks to Bring the World’s Best Technology Solutions 

to Address Some of the World’s More Pressing Environmental/Health Concerns”

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