Pure Aqua COVID-19 Solution

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Pure Aqua Solution Seeks to Bring the World’s Best Technology Solutions 

to Address Some of the World’s More Pressing Environmental/Health Concerns”

Pure Aqua Solution is a technology-centric company that seeks to incorporate the world’s best science and technologies to bring innovative solutions to remediate and rejuvenate the earth’s water and environment.

Our primary focus is on the livestock industry and the management of lakes and ponds.

In the livestock industry, our technology solutions help farmers improve the quality and yield of their farms and livestock.

Our technology solutions for lakes and ponds remediates the harmful effects of algal blooms.

Solutions for the

Livestock & Poultry Industry

Livestock and poultry farmers take the utmost care in the raising of our food stocks and have a history of incorporating proven technologies and methodologies that demonstrate improvements in the health and welfare of their animals.

Pure Aqua’s product portfolio and solution set includes:


  • Water formulation additives that deliver water at its’ highest level of cleanliness to the farm animal;

  • Organic biocides that help cleanse the barn and the equipment therein, ensuring the highest cleanliness standards; and

  • Swine lagoon remediation that separates the waste product and cleans the water; reduces the waste odor, while maintaining the nutritional value of the residual fertilizer by-product.

Lake and Pond

Management Solutions

Harmful algal blooms have become an increasing presence in our lakes and ponds, hurting the biosystems of these bodies of water and negatively impacting the livelihood and enjoyment of the communities that surround them.

Scientists believe that excessive nutrients, largely phosphorus used in fertilizers, is a significant factor in the production of these algal blooms.

The economic cost to states, municipalities and local communities can run in the billions.

Pure Aqua Solution professionals work with state, municipal and local leaders and their regulatory staff to offer a comprehensive solution to remediate the harmful algal bloom issue.

We offer a variety of solutions that are designed to address the specific needs of your community.


Pure Aqua Solution was formed by industry veterans and technology specialists to address these issues efficiently, cost-effectively and beneficially to its constituents and their communities.

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