About Us

Pure Aqua Solution is a technology-centric company that has developed exclusive relationships with technology partners and has proprietary innovative technologies that can be summarized as follows:

Disinfecting Technologies

Cost-effectively provides a valuable disinfectant for commercial, industrial, educational, and medical establishments using a variety of EPA approved solutions. Our Paerosol solution is one of several options we provide to clients.

Nano-bubble Technologies

Utilizes a natural process that infuses oxygen and/or ozone nano-bubbles into an aqueous body (pond, lake, water-filtration systems) that serves to kill pathogens and improve the water quality therein;

Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Describes the process of vaporization, nano-bubble generation, and nano-bubble implosion which occurs in a flowing liquid as a result of a decrease and subsequent increase in local pressure. Hydrodynamic cavitation infuses oxygen into a body of water in a natural process that removes pathogens and dramatically improves the quality of the biosphere.