John Shallcross – Smithfield Cinemas

As a result of COVID-19 and our agreement to join the nationwide CinemaSafe protocols, we were looking for a solution to sanitize the movie theater auditoriums. We learned that there were fairly simple solutions to sanitize the hard surfaces – the floors and the walls, but the fabric seats presented a challenge. We were referred to Pure Aqua Solutions and contacted them to do a demo. They came with their equipment – backpack sprayers, disinfectant fluid, and an air sampler to measure the bacteria in the air and on the surfaces. They used the air sampler to measure the bacteria in the air and on the fabric seats prior to using the backpack sprayers, which sprayed the disinfectant fluid into the air. After waiting only ten seconds after spraying, the bacteria in the air and on the seats were retested, and the bacteria had dropped to zero. The disinfectant does not damage the fabric of the seats, does not leave a residue, and is perfectly safe to breathe.

This turned out to be exactly the solution we needed. We are taking all steps necessary to make sure the public is assured that it is safe to return to the movie theater, and Pure Aqua Solutions helped us solve one of our biggest challenges.

John Shallcross

Owner, Smithfield Cinemas