K. McDermott – Hospital Administrator

Approximately 6 years ago, I was introduced to the possibility of Hypochlorous being used as a disinfectant in our healthcare setting.  The idea of being able to use a green product that kills almost all single-cell organisms such as bacterial, fungal, and viral was intriguing.  Following verification, the product was EPA approved and our hospital agreed to be a beta site for testing Hypochlorous in a controlled study and comparison with other disinfectants that were being used.  This study lasted over 6 months with demonstrated reductions of organisms that can cause MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C.diff), two problematic and difficult to kill organisms.   The results were overwhelming and our decision to begin utilizing Hypochlorous in our daily and terminal cleaning process was approved. We continued to test surfaces for the following 6 months and continued testing periodically since implementation to ensure we maintain the high kill rates we had during the trial period. 

There are numerous reasons to consider using Hypochlorous as a disinfectant and cleaner. In our situation we found it is safe to use on inside surfaces, with no buildup of compounds, the environment can be disinfected frequently resulting in an aseptic environment that is safe for all individuals.  We choose for our cleaning process to include using Hypochlorous in pour bottles and Electrostatic applications for best results.  During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have increased our cleaning and disinfecting of the public areas such as waiting rooms, dining rooms, and staff breakrooms and have increased disinfecting with our electrostatic applications to increase the safety for our patients, staff, and visitors.

K. McDermott

Hospital Administrator