Paerolsol Product Overview

Paerosol was developed by the United States Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in collaboration and cooperation with the Institute of Highly Pure Bio-Preparation and the World Health Organization (WHO) Center “Institute of Influenza” .

The Paerosol technology produces a powerful, all-natural disinfectant by converting an electrochemically activated salt-water solution (“EAS”) into a dry, micro-aerosol with gas-like properties. In a gas-like state, Paerosol rapidly permeates an entire area and effectively eradicates bacteria, viruses, and microbial and fungal spores everywhere they exist, both airborne and on surfaces.

Various agencies within the US federal government successfully tested Paerosol against a wide array of bio-agents including simulates of Anthrax, , civilian and military hospital pathogens, antibiotic-resistant microbes, and viruses including H1N1 (swine flu) and H5N1 (bird flu) subtypes, as well as food- and water-borne pathogens. Recent tests with a North Carolina medical laboratory validated that Paerosol eradicates the COVID19 virus.

The electromechanical activated solutions (“EAS”) have been used for over 100 years for disinfection and wound care. EAS solutions are produced by flowing an electric current through a diluted salt-water mixture, which creates a highly reactive disinfectant comprised of hypochlorous acid and other naturally occurring oxidizing agents including hypochlorite ions and hydroxyl free radicals.

The primary reactive ingredient in the disinfecting solution is hypochlorous acid (HOCI), which is a naturally occurring acid, and is used in the human body’s immune system to fight disease and infection. Hypochlorous acid is a registered disinfectant with the Environmental Protection Agency and is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Paerosol has obtained exclusive, worldwide commercialization rights to this patented micro-aerosol technology directly from the U.S. government.

The key differentiator of Paerosol is its unique ability to convert a liquid into a high-volume micro-aerosol with particle sizes ranging from 0.2 – 5 microns in diameter. The micron-sized particles act like a gas and diffuse throughout an enclosed area killing any pathogens in the process.

Now for the first time, a powerful HOCL liquid disinfectant can be applied as a micro-aerosol with the same unique disinfecting capabilities as the liquid form. Paerosol uses a proprietary formula for producing HOCL solution, which maximizes the fluid’s efficacy when converted to a micro-aerosol.

Paerosol is all natural (organic) with no negative side effects. It is non-toxic to warm-blooded animals, safe and simple to use, inexpensive, and non-corrosive for sensitive electronic equipment. Paerosol requires no unique chemicals or consumable materials other than its natural, organic chemical solution. .

Paerosol is easy to use and may easily be deployed with little to no required site preparation. Paerosol provides a safe, thorough and more effective cleaning solution than any other products available in the marketplace.